Human rights hackers find support

Anarchy & Government: Human Rights & Liberty — a beginning

The earliest known declaration of human rights.
Interpreted from Akkadian cuneiform on a cylinder dating from 583 BC, during the reign of Cyrus The Great Liberator.
1. I declare I will respect the tradition, customs and religion of the nations of my empire and never let any of my governors look down or insult inhabitants of my nations.
2. I hereby abolish slavery; my governors are ordered to prohibit exchanging men and women as slaves within their ruling domains. Such a tradition should be exterminated the world over.
3. If anyone oppresses others, I will reassert their rights and penalize the oppressors.
4. Today I declare Freedom of Religion. All are free to choose any religion, live in all regions, and take up any job provided they never violate other’s rights.

The Federation Of Liberated Cantons (FLC)

“The basic building block of society is the individual. The basic building block of governance is extortion. Unintrusive support that upholds individual rights is the quiddity of good government.” – Introduction to the FLC Charter

Hacktivisim End Game – Chapter 7: lets get dangerous

All three have messages waiting the next morning, and soon they have messages darting back and fourth between themselves. The messages to our favored triptych request participation in a short ceremony at the FLC Natural Enterprise Cooperative, followed by a deep sea fishing trip. The purpose is recognition of their civic virtue in helping remove the Fagin gang.

After breakfast discussions arise during a saunter through the hotel gardens. Mose leads the deliberations toward his favorite subject, “The freedom we share within the Federation of Liberated Cantons is perhaps the first stable liberty in history. Stable, yes that’s what it is, but growing freedom too — as it is embraced by all those pursuing a better future.

Mercenary freelances are bringing their prosperity generating creativity to the FLC. Our societies are aggressive at providing a biodiverse economic ecosystem for natural enterprise. The citizens create this biodiversity by seeking out opportunity in new or poorly served markets, and there is no regulation, tax, and pillage bureaucracy to stop them. Privacy and well rewarded innovation thwart oppression and inspire individual efforts that keep humankind ahead of extinction.”

Jon adds his bit. “The people are better protected than those with over regulating governments, because the people know it is their responsibility to make the right choice. Instead of using political mandates procured through bribery, enterprise increases their sales by transparency and satisfying customers. No consumer that believes it important to be aware, buys from obtuse or opaque merchants. Caveat emptor is a promise, not a threat. When the buyer is aware, markets provide information for buyers.”

As they meander, Gloria decides they should attend the ceremony and make further decisions then. Knowing Gloria’s reputation for strategic analysis, the other two readily agree. All three are looking forward to a day of recreation, and life can be pleasant in the FLC.

Gloria makes an observation, “As a young child I knew the good guys from the bad guys, the good guys were on my side. By the time I was a teen I realized that security forces, police and army, are on their own side first. They are on the side of other enforcement organizations second. If they are told to be aligned with me I am acceptable, but also expendable. If they are told I have become suspect, I instantly became their enemy. What I do is of no effect compared to what they are told, or believe. The larger the force, the more it identifies with itself and the less it is concerned with those outside its ranks.”

Mose catches her point. “We are a force of three, backed by a larger force of free people. We are not dedicated to a leaders orders, but to a cause. Regardless of influences, we must stay true to the cause of freedom.”

Jon’s most notable event at the Natural Enterprise Cooperative was not the awards, it is realizing he understands Gloria at the same unspoken level he had communicated with her sister — his wife. Neither Gloria nor Mose shows any outward sign of recognition when the captain of the sport boat enters, but Jon feels the confirmation Gloria makes about wanting them to take the trip.

He even feels like saying “yes dear,” but his voice would have been too strained by emotion.

It isn’t quite that smooth, but a quick agreement within the foursome has them dressing for relaxation and heading for a yacht. On spying the ship Jon smiles at the yacht’s name “Another Golden Sunset.” Gloria was right about the trip, and Jon knows the team is already starting to functioning well.

They power out of range of easy surveillance, set up a couple of fishing poles, and Midas turns on extra ‘tronics. They slip into the downladder conversation well with their drinks, and smiles explode.

They had all worked for the NEC before, in fact the project Jon just finished was financed with NEC as a (secret) sponsor. Citizens of FLC member states have a much higher per capita income than in centrally controlled states like Elldee, but FLC governments are purposely kept poor. The NEC is supported by those that appreciate the value it provides. In the FLC it is their unity, their willingness to stand together for liberty, and their increasing numbers that underlay sustainable strength.

FLC members also are much further advanced technologically than committee run or autocratic states. Nothing is as inventive or productive as a free man that benefits from his own efforts. In restricted principalities little of quality is produced, all work is being done by poorly rewarded labor. An old saying is they pretend to work, and their bosses pretend to pay them.

Politics involves coercion seeking to increase the power of government to mandate ends. Without willing citizens those ends must constrict. Within a free environment individuals seek to protect and improve their lives and the lives of those they love, so by extension other’s futures also expand.

The Natural Enterprise Cooperative provides leadership and arbitration if requested — and is run as a profitable venture. Free people become members of the NEC because it works to make their lives and wealth more secure. It is a self-selecting arrangement, if someone wants the NEC’s help, they support its actions. They could support or start another group for the same purpose if they wish – competition helps keep the Natural Enterprise Cooperative sharp. Voluntary association for mutual benefit — free people supporting their own liberty, their own way.

Gloria starts the ball rolling, “we know each other by reputation, but I think this is the first time Jon and Midas have a chance to meet – gentlemen.” They exchange pleasantries and smiles, and in fact have a short laugh at how well the ethical hacker team is forming. Gloria adds, “Time and tide wait for no man, for me occasionally, but for no man. I call this meeting of the Complicit Team to order – there are no rules – let’s get to work.”

Midas turns just a bit formal. “Jon, the best cover I can have as head of FLC liberty operations is working as a minor functionary in the NEC. But so you know, I have access to all the financing and intelligence information you need for the new project – whatever we decide that will be. You may know how thoroughly you have disrupted Pahl’s operations, but we know he and Scar think your efforts have stopped. One more hard push and something evil may start falling.”

Jon smiles, “I’m glad my farewell present worked so well, Pahl’s princedom is one of the darkest spots on this continent, I will keep opening windows and doors, letting in light and fresh air.”

Midas returns the smile, “The Liberated Cantons would love to help you free another populace. We will let Gloria decide what to do once you enter Elldee, but if you three agree we think we can get you through the eastern border with no difficulty. Your initial travel will be through Liberated Cantons, so there is no need for passports, approvals, or IDs. You will probably want to enter Elldee separately and then join together, but Gloria may develop other plans. In fact, knowing Gloria, she probably will.”

Mose speaks for the first time. “I think we can all go in together, as a business group trying to set up a new territory. With a software business we will have an excuse for a high speed network and for traveling around. Jon and Gloria will have freedom because it will take me time to get approvals from the bureaucrats.”

Gloria looks thoughtful. “That will work. That also gives us a backup purpose, open trade decreases chances of war and increases prosperity. For this venture, Jon will be a proposed area manager, I’ll be a management trainee so I can have maximum freedom and excuses.”

Jon looks at Mose and asks how much time such cover will give them.

“It takes three weeks to get the paperwork through, and it is always turned down the first time. There are three levels of appeals if we want to draw things out. We can give bribes if we want to hurry, but that might paint us as too ambitious. I have another trick – after three weeks to do the paperwork, we can delay past the time to submit an appeal – one week from our rejection. If we start the whole process over again the bureaucrats will be so frustrated at having to jump once again through their own hoops they will approve us to get rid of us.”

After appreciative chuckles, all three hackers listen as Midas opines. “Pahl of course will view your covert efforts as an act of war, but not having a defined enemy to attack or assets to extort he will just bluster. For Scar even diplomacy is war with only a lone victor to be left standing — just because he is paranoid does not mean he won’t try to kill his illusions before they can kill him. Scar views everyone competent or ambitious as an enemy, he tends to kill first to avoid the need for questions.”

Midas continues: “You have our full support until you enter Elldee, and as much help as we can manage, short of war, once you are inside. With all of your actions we will deny knowledge of your intent – so you didn’t tell me your goals. To us you are just business people hoping to open trade relations with a neighbor. The NEC was formed to encourage natural and free enterprise.

We have contacts with the Los Diego underground, but you run the risk of Scar’s secret police moles if you meet with them. I would save that tool for desperate times.”

Much more is discussed on board, they even catch a large barracuda. Fine eating, if its meat isn’t poisonous with cigua toxin at the moment, and it doesn’t eat part of you first.