Complicit Simplicity: A Hacktivism Team Fights For Human Rights

“Human Rights bless all through their complicit simplicity, by placing people above unjust law.” – Allan R. Wallace

When evil resists a push, it doesn’t push back, it immediately seeks to destroy. Boldness is required for first limiting and then overcoming evil.Of course surviving is nice too.

<= Stare at this wall.
So shall they all collapse.
Even though the price be hero’s blood spilled for each one.

The entire Hacktivism End Game adventure is online.
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Index: Hackster Game Plan

The trilogy is online, all of it.

*happy hunting hacker*

These links will take you directly to the chapters, skipping any back-story elements. You can reach this index at any time –

The first four chapters, are on this page.

Chapter 1 – Hacker’s Complacency Lost

Chapter 2 – Long Shadows

Chapter 3 a&b – Battle On Two Fronts

Chapter 4 a&b – *happy hunting hacker*

Chapter 5 – The Lion and The Hyenas

Chapter 6 a&b – Punkk Kidd & Comic Book Heroes

Chapter 7 – Human Rights and Liberty: Complicit Simplicity

Chapter 8 – Final Preparations

Chapter 9 – A Young Entrepreneur’s Business

Chapter 10 – Why Hackers Hack

Chapter 11 – Travel and Travail

Chapter 12 – Ambush?

Chapter 13 – Relationship Advice For Hackers

Chapter 14 – Border Town, Capitol City

Chapter 15 – Happy Hackers At Work

Chapter 16 – Hackers Game

Chapter 17 a&b – A Complex Dance

Chapter 18 – Hacking The Kingdom

Chapter 19 – Educating A Prince

Chapter 20 a&b – famous last words

Chapter 21 – Plotting Synthesis

Chapter 22 – Revolution Tonight!

Chapter 23 – CS Technology Code

Chapter 24 a&b – A Survivor’s Dance

Are you a literary agent?

Aw, shucks.

Reading an online novel.

I’ve written a book of hope, because I see the potential for its need. A more salable book in bad times might carry darker, less optimistic tones, but I would probably sing it off key. A short story Prequel to Complicit Simplicity has been written, but this Hacker End Game novel allows me to indulge my confidence in the power of individuals and small teams to innovate our way out of the darkness we appear to be entering. Light vs. darkness is an old theme, let’s join the battle.

The darkness within human nature will of course remain. A new balance within society will hopefully impel renewed progress toward limitations of large scale evil. The Complicity Universe is about the process of change, and the actors involved, in engineering a more positive future.

Thank you for reading. There will be rewrites of Complicit Simplicity, Hackers End Game — bookmark, favorite, and e-mail it to friends. A closing story has been writen, Abacus Brief. The finished hacker trilogy is called

Yah’ll come back, yah hear.