Author: Allan

The 24-Hour Pack: Hike Smart, Be Prepared, Be Safe

Don’t Be Caught Unprepared in the Backcountry As a Search and Rescue volunteer, I’ve been involved in many missions that wouldn’t have happened in the first place had those we went looking for carried just a few simple items in a small daypack. Sometimes, it was the lack of a light source or not bringing a few […]

hacktivist – Hacker School Attacked

The Hacker Jon Story — ending and beginnings Elegance. Well written code contains no flourishes. Concise. Direct. Succinct. Billy Goodman: Ethical Hacker, Privacy Technician The trilogy starts with a lone hacktivist in cyberbattle. Three Hacker School students join the experienced teenage hacktivist to escape the destruction of Hacker School. Human rights demand these teenagers challenge a […]