A Survivor’s Dance

A Celebration — Dancing With Wonder “We are hobbled by recency. Current perceptions deny; but gradual change with frequent huge disruptions is the reality.” – Allan Wallace As the group gathers two weeks after the successful coup, they celebrate that only one of them had been injured. Pahl received blaster burns, now mostly healed, while […]

Human rights hackers find support

Anarchy & Government: Human Rights & Liberty — a beginning The earliest known declaration of human rights.Interpreted from Akkadian cuneiform on a cylinder dating from 583 BC, during the reign of Cyrus The Great Liberator.1. I declare I will respect the tradition, customs and religion of the nations of my empire and never let any […]

Change The Future

“It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” – Voltaire When pursued most generics attempt to blend into an always present poor quarter. It is at the borders between income levels that the greatest risks, and the greatest freedoms, can occur. Once safely ensconced within the center of poverty, every official eye […]

Complicit Simplicity: A Hacktivism Team Fights For Human Rights

“Human Rights bless all through their complicit simplicity, by placing people above unjust law.” – Allan R. Wallace When evil resists a push, it doesn’t push back, it immediately seeks to destroy. Boldness is required for first limiting and then overcoming evil.Of course surviving is nice too. <= Stare at this wall.So shall they all […]

Hackers Tools & Hacker Toys

Hacksters Anticipation If you have a goal, don’t be diverted from paths that lead toward it. The rendezvous point is about twenty miles from the border, in an active manufacturing zone. Jon pilots their rental car, Gloria is in the navigator/copilot spot, Mose is sitting comfortably in the rocking chair of the back seat. “Next […]

comic book heroes* meet a Punkk Kidd

Hacking Handles of Heroes Punkk Kidd is impressive, but so are all kids. Don’t force children into boxes. Give them some freedom and get out of their way. “Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” Voltaire comic book heroes meet a Punkk Kidd True reality is whatever we believe is real. Don’t […]

The Lion and The Hyenas

“Lydia has no king. Lydia wants no king. I’ll rule my own life without any king.” – from FLC children’s chant The lion says to the hyena, “You and what army?” The hyena replies, “Just wait ’til I’m king. I won’t have to eat carrion with vultures. I’ll have my subjects kill for me. Maybe […]

Multi-Front Battles

When a virtual life is threatened by the physical world. Their first assault was foiled by his wariness. Jon’s CyberDefense is battling Prince Pahl’s virtual destruct bots before he reaches street level. CD was triggered for assault as well as defense, taking out a first wall of encroaching scanner bots before they report his realworld […]

When small men cast long shadows

 “When small men cast long shadows – the sun is setting.” – Lin Yutang Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? – Thomas Jefferson As the door opens, Prince Pahl slowly turns from the shield widow. “My own […]

Chapter 1: Hacker’s Sunset

Your life is a burning match. Ignite a bonfire. The abrupt transitions of a sunset once again interrupt my daily rituals. Vibrant colors explode across darkening sky like a flaring moth venturing too close to flame. Then, sensuality lingering, ashes of this sunset’s nova moment scatter and dim. I’m relaxed. An encrypted message from Friends […]